Away From You


That I’m away

From you,

I die inside


I try not to stray

But it’s as if you’re too far away

And I feel the pain

… So I cry


I look back, day after day

When I said I wanted to be a run away

But you pulled me aside,

In that hallway,

And asked me to be your bride


Now you’re gone

And I don’t know what to say

Besides the fact

That I disobeyed


Maybe someday,

I’ll see you again

And maybe then,

I’ll be okay


Tough Love

Last night you said you loved me

You scared me half to death

 I thought about it longer

And it took away my breath


Seeng you each morning

Fills my day with joy

It’s hard for me to love

Because I know love isn’t a toy


Loving is hard

Hard enough to be

Loving you is easy

But not easy enough for me


Friends are someone you can count on

A friend is someone who cares

Friends are someone you can count on

Because they’ll always be there

No matter where you go,No matter where you are

Friends are there to make it feel like home

When you’re near or far

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong? And the only thing you need, is for somebody to notice, and at least try to make it better? If so, then you’re not alone. Everybody has those days when everything seems to be going wrong, and when it feels like nothing is going to get better. But you can’t just give up, because then it never will. You have got to be persistant, and push through the bad times, because it will get better. It might not be right this second, but eventually it will.