Nobody’s Right About Everything All The Time

Crafted in Carhartt

Girl Power / Crafted in Carhartt
The other day I asked a woman what it was like to be a female in her particular field. She answered me in a way I have yet to hear in my many interviews for this girl power blog. She found it easier and, by her perspective, more beneficial to not speak on the topic and approach her tasks without the slightest concern of what it means to be a woman in the workplace. 

I sat there stunned for a second.

What if she’s right?

I’m all for strong actions and well intended effort. In fact, that’s my typical response in career oriented conversations I have with myself— “Chug along, chug along. Hard work gets you places. Don’t waste your time looking at what others are up to. Find the path you want to be on and do whatever is in your means to make it happen.”

But if it’s…

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