It Will Only Hurt

Loving him; The easiest thing I’ve ever done. It came quickly Like a knife entering into you. When he pulls the knife out Because he can’t be torn in two any longer It will only hurt While I bleed.

Source: It Will Only Hurt


What To Feel

Sometimes you go through stuff, and you don’t know how to feel. When you are going through depression and somebody says “Your only doing this for attention”, how are you suppose to take that? Like when you write something, and your mom finds it, and she says “You’re only doing this for attention”….. I wrote something a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t planned on letting anybody read it, it was just me ranting in a journal, for me to look back on and say “I got through that, and everything was okay”. But anyways, my mom found it, an read it, and told me that I needed to stop writing things like that because I was only looking for attention. I wasn’t though, I was just having a bad day that day, and needed to get my feelings out.

I feel like if you have something that you need to get off of your mind, and you don’t have anybody to talk to about it, then you should keep a journal because when you go through something tough in the future, and you think the world is coming to an end, you an look back on past things that have happened, and know that this is just a rainy day, and the sun will shine again.