What To Feel

Sometimes you go through stuff, and you don’t know how to feel. When you are going through depression and somebody says “Your only doing this for attention”, how are you suppose to take that? Like when you write something, and your mom finds it, and she says “You’re only doing this for attention”….. I wrote something a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t planned on letting anybody read it, it was just me ranting in a journal, for me to look back on and say “I got through that, and everything was okay”. But anyways, my mom found it, an read it, and told me that I needed to stop writing things like that because I was only looking for attention. I wasn’t though, I was just having a bad day that day, and needed to get my feelings out.

I feel like if you have something that you need to get off of your mind, and you don’t have anybody to talk to about it, then you should keep a journal because when you go through something tough in the future, and you think the world is coming to an end, you an look back on past things that have happened, and know that this is just a rainy day, and the sun will shine again.


4 thoughts on “What To Feel

  1. As someone who has dealt with depression, I can tell you it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone else, not even someone I intensely dislike.

    The idea that one would make things up as a way to get attention is very short-sighted and unfortunate. There are alternatives, such as school counselors who are, I believe, bound by confidentiality. The important thing is to differentiate between the “down” periods we all experience, and the more prolonged periods that are actual depression. The latter is not something to be taken lightly.

    Unfortunately, some parents don’t want to deal with the idea that their child might have depression, seeing it as an indictment of their parenting rather than what it is, a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    Being a young adult is tough enough without having issues such as potential depression marginalized. Find someone at your school who you can get more information from. It may seem like a risky step, but it’s more risky to remain alone and unhappy. I know; I’ve been there.

    Good luck and keep your head high.

    • It means a lot that somebody is willing to give me advice, even if it is from a stranger. Thank you. 🙂
      Sometimes I feel like I can’t talk to my parents about how I feel because I feel like it will just make me a disappointment to them.

      • You’re welcome. I’ve got several daughters, three of whom are in high school, and they have varying levels of ability to talk with me about things such as this. The thing I tell my girls is that if you were to suffer a physical injury, there’d be no question you’d go to a doctor to get it taken care. Well, a mental issue is no different, it’s just harder for others to sometimes relate to because it’s not something they can see and it may not be something they can relate to. A significant percentage of the western world has issues with depression, anxiety, etc., and parents who opt for the head-in-the-sand approach when their kids are struggling are doing no one any favors.

        Ultimately, your parents want you to be happy and successful; if you need to see someone to help you on that path it’s no different than needing to see a cardiologist for a heart problem or a oncologist if you need to be treated for cancer. If I were to offer any thoughts, it would be to read up on depression and understand what you’re experiencing is not all that uncommon and it certainly doesn’t make you a disappointment. It makes you human.

  2. I will, and I talked to my school counselor about some of the stuff that has been going on, and she said whenever I need to talk, just stop by her office. It helps a lot just to have somebody to talk to.

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