“Hurt people, hurt people.” I guess when somebody is hurting, they end up hurting others, and it’s not right. I’m kind of tired of all the bullying problems of the world. Nobody wants to stop bullying others, and nobody is willing to step in and say something, yet people wonder why there is such a high suicide rate. My brother was in gym yesterday, left his stuff in the locker-room, where he leaves it every day. Nobody ever messes with it, but yesterday somebody decided to put his hoodie, his coat, and hist winter hat in the toilet. What is wrong with people these days? It is NOT okay to bully others. He is a strong person, he hold his head high, and it takes a lot to get to him, but yesterday was his breaking point. My brother and I fight, and we hate each other, but as much as he annoys the hell out of me… I love him the same. He came home crying yesterday and the first thing I wanted to do was find whoever did this cruel act, and beat the hell out of them, and that’s sad, because I’m not a violent person. He might be autistic, and hard headed, but he is smart and funny, and a very fun person to be around when you take the chance to get to know him. So why? Why do you make him hate living? Why do you think it is your place to tell him that he isn’t as good as everybody else, that it is okay to push him around and make him (and others) feel like they shouldn’t be alive? Who are you to tell them that they are less then what they should be?


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