16-Year-Old Girl Starts a Petition To Save Her School

 I wrote this petition in hopes that I could some how try to save me school, read it, and if you agree, follow this link, and sign it. Share it with others as well. I need it to go as big as it possibly can, it means a lot to me. Here it is:

“This petition was created by a sixteen year old high school student Hannah Ray that goes the Wichita eSchool, with the help of a teacher, Michael Spencer. Wichita eSchool is a public home-schooling organization. The state of Kansas is obviously lacking enough money to fully fund all the school within our state. Because of the lack of money, the state has decided to cut funds, which is a reasonable thing to do… to some extent. Cutting school finds will bring virtual schooling funds down from 105% funding to 90% funding. It might not seem like a lot of money that is being taken away, but taking away 15% of funding for virtual schooling would lead to many teachers losing their jobs around the state It might not seem like a big problem if you take two or three teachers from one school, but when you take a different amount of teachers form each school, it adds up. Cutting funds would affect every virtual school in the state of Kansas. Losing teachers would affect the families of the teachers that would be let go, it would affect the students, and it would affect the school itself. People look at the students of virtual schools, as if they were invisible. But we are not! We do exist too. Just because there is a computer screen hiding our face, that doesn’t mean that we do not have one.

 Now don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m not saying that home-schooling is the best thing to every happen, but for those who are home-schooled, it is the best thing to ever happen. Virtual Schools are an important part of the Kansas public education system and help to improve graduation rates and serve “at-risk” youth. Students are allowed to work as fast as they want too, which leads to early graduation for some. When students are troubled, they are able to get one on one help. When going to regular public schools, the students’ needs are often tossed into the trash, because the teachers have 30 other students to attend to, so other students do not get the kind of help that they need. This can lead to flunking classes, or simply dropping out of school. Virtual school deserve the same amount of funding that any other school would get, because the people of virtual schools deserve as good of chance succeed as anybody else in this world.”


Here is the link to follow:



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